Michalis Brouzos has multi annual studies in the classical guitar starting at the age of 8. He graduated from “Peiraikos Sindesmos” (Conservatory of Pireaus), class of P. Deligiannis, acquiring certificate and diploma in classical guitar, graded unanimously excellent with distinction. He studied advanced theoretical classes (classical harmony, contrapunto and fugue) with maestro A. Carbone and was distinguished in international Master Classes of interpretation and virtuosity.

He has performed many recitals as a soloist in Athens and other Greek cities as well as abroad (Stuttgart, Kornwestheim).

He composes music for classical guitar, stringed instruments ensembles and for theater. As a founding member of AnimaCorda guitar duet he releases two albums, the homonym in 2005 (Soulincident records), and ¨Lost & found¨ in 2008 (Minos-Emi records). In December 2010, AnimaCorda represent Greece in a concert that broadcasts worlwide via the European Broadcast Union (EBU).

In 2012, AnimaCorda, composes the soundtrack of the dramatic performance called “The shine” directed by Stefanos Papatrechas.

In May 2013 he recorded (with AnimaCorda) in the music academy of Katowice in Poland, the Concerto no2 for two guitars and symphonic orchestra composed by Odysseas Konstantinopoulos. Collaborated by the Orkiestra Kameralna Silesian Art Collective conducted by Mateusz Walach. The album named ¨Symbioza¨ was released in July of 2015.

In the Autumn of 2014 he released his first EP album named “Orison” dedicated to his daughter Anna.

In July 2016 he participated in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the show was dedicated to the music of Nino Rota for the movies of Federico Fellini and was held at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus . The Athens State Orchestra was conducted by German conductor Frank Strobel.

In November of 2016 he released his second EP album named “Rootless”.

In 2016 he forms with bassist Petros Lamprides a group called “TheLastLust” and in September of 2017 they released their first homonym album.

In 2018 he forms “Michalis Brouzos quartet” and releases their first single named “grown”, a composition of his.

in 2019 he forms “Michalis Brouzos group” (Thomas Kontogeorgis-piano, Michalis Porfiris-violoncello).

The album “Hommage” (BLB records – 2021) is a tribute to his favorite tracks from the classical guitar repertoire and his fourth in a row personal record work.


Solo discography:

Discography with AnimaCorda:

Discography with theLastLust:

AnimaCorda … strings with soul.


An explosive mix of music with strong doses of film, jazz, latin, tango, and of course classical music, from which the two guitarists and creators started off.

Yorgos Bechlivanoglou and Michalis Brouzos had a solo career in Greece and abroad.

2002 Duet was forming

Since 2002 that AnimaCorda (with guitarist Aris Lanaridis in their synthesis until 2006) began their appearances , they have given concerts all over Greece, in many cities of Europe and at international festivals.

2006 – AnimaCorda Album Release

In 2006 their first album was released with the homonym title
“AnimaCorda” by “Soulincident”. The mix between the classical, latin-jazz and film music gains the positive reviews of the critics.

2008 Lost And Found Album Release

At the beginning of 2008 they released their second album entitled “Lost and found” by EMI in which two famous Greek singers and songwriters, Yiannis Kotsiras and Christos Thiveos are featuring.

2010 EBU

In December of 2010 they represented Greece at the European Broadcast Union (EBU) in a European concert that was broadcast live across Europe, America and Canada.

2011 The Glade

In 2011 they composed and record the music for a theatrical show “The Glade” by Stefanos Papatrechas.

2012 Collaboration with Odysseas Konstantinopoulos

In 2012 they were honoured by composer Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, who composed the Concert no.2 for two guitars and orchestra and dedicated especially to them.

2013 Orkiestra Kameralna Silesian Art Collective

In May 2013 the concerto was recorded with the Orkiestra Kameralna Silesian Art Collective conducted by Mateusz Walach in the music academy of Katowice, Poland.

2015 Symbioza Album Release

In July 2015 the album named “Symbioza” was released.


They have also participated, giving their own personal music style, in discography of many other artists, such as: Miltiadis Paschalidis (“Study to Andreas Rodinos” from the album “Xenios – Crete within me“), Salina-Yiannis Kotsiras( I will give the heart again from the album “Your new weapon”), Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos (“Dancing in strange places” from the album “A crazy man”).

Finally as AnimaCorda and in person, they have worked in concerts with many major composers, singers, songwriters and musicians of the modern Greek and foreign music scene.


theLastLust is a music project by Michalis Brouzos (guitar) and Petros Lamprides (bass, contrabass). In 2016, with the collaboration of Sugahspank! (voice), Giorgos Kontogiannis (cretan lyre), Nikos Papavranousis (drums) and Michalis Katachanas (viola), they recorded their first album.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Panagiotis Chountas.
Available for download via Apple Music


Hommage-artwork logo v3

Orison: Album Notes..

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Music composed, arranged and produced by Michalis Brouzos

Guitar, mandolin: Michalis Brouzos, Trombone: Antonis Andreou, Nei: Harris Lambrakis, Bass: Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, Cello: Eirini Anastasiou, Drums, percussions: Thomas Matrakoukas,Vocals in “Lullaby”: mama and daughter…!

With the kind participation of the “Opus femina” women choir conducted by maestro Falia Papagiannopoulou

Sound engineering: Ilias Lakkas, Niovi Panagiotatou, Dimitris Karpouzas, Alexandros Kouros

Mixed and mastered by Ilias Lakkas in Odeon sound studios, Athens, Greece.

Photo: Michalis Brouzos

Artwork by Kiriakos Terzopoulos

Special thanks to Falia, Antonis, Harris and Tom for their love and support. Maestro and dear friend Odysseas, thank you for always being there for me..

This album is dedicated to the love of my precious daughter Anna..

Rootless: Album notes..

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Music composed, arranged and produced by Michalis Brouzos

(Immigrants..they could be our children..they are our children..)

1. Prelude to pain
2. Stachti
3. Erevos

Music composed, arranged and produced by Michalis Brouzos

Vocals: Anna Linardou
Guitar: Michalis Brouzos
Violin: Catherine Tepelena
Viola: Charis Gitsios
Cello: Ellie Filippou
Contrabass: Petros Lampridis

Programming: Costas Stergiou
Sound engineering: Panagiotis Chountas
Mixed and mastered by Panagiotis Chountas, “In a jam” studios, Pireaus, Greece.

Artwork by Panagiotis Chountas

Special thanks to Petros and Catherine for all their love, support and soulful interpretations.
Charis and Ellie thank you for the experience. Anna Linardou for your wonderful performance.

Costas, what a “crescendo”..thank you so much..

Panagiotis..and the journey goes on and on..

grown: Album notes..

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(The long way..of life..almost there..)

Music composed and arranged by Michalis Brouzos

Guitar: Michalis Brouzos
Piano: Thomas Kontogeorgis
Violin: Katerina Tepelena
Contrabass: Petros Lamprides

Sound engineering: Panagiotis Chountas

Mixed and mastered by Panagiotis Chountas in Sierra sound studios, Athens, Greece.

Produced by Michalis Brouzos and Panagiotis Chountas

Photo: Michalis Brouzos

Artwork by Lefteris Foteinatos

Hommage: Album notes..

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Classical guitar: Michalis Brouzos

Sound engineering: Giorgos Avramidis

Mixed and mastered by Giorgos Avramidis in 101 sound studios, Nikaia, Greece.

Produced by Giorgos Avramidis

Photo: Evi Tsadari

Artwork by Lefteris Foteinatos



Album Notes

Symbiosis in music is for me the way of coexistence of different musical cultures. This coexistence ­symbiosis is the goal of my activity as a composer.

Odysseas Konstantinopoulos

Greek music tradition… Centuries, in this troubled and trampled by invaders land (ironically identical to that of Poland), our people with pain and passion, weaved rhythmic and tonal patterns with so much complexity, as much as temperament, that’s the truth. Getting mature, as humans as well as artists ­musicians, our need to communicate our musical heritage became increasingly gigantic. How much more blessed would have

been this situation then. This “recording” marriage of two cultures. Our soul searching confession, two outlying studies, our two versions in loving “essences” of Greek land.

With deep love and respect.


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Album Notes

Classical guitarist duet with compositions balancing between New age, Latin-jazz and symphonic film music, arranged with acoustic instruments such as, classical / acoustic guitar, violin, viola, accordion, flute, vocalese, drums and more…

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Lost & Found

Album Notes

Animacorda … Cords with Anima (soul). These are the two elements that have always been served the two guitar soloists and friends Michalis Brouzos and Yorgos Bechlivanoglou. Those have also been the elements that defined the name and the common course thereafter.An explosive mix of music with strong doses of film, jazz, latin, tango, and of course classical music…

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TheLastLust - TheLastLust

The Last Lust: The Last Lust

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1 – Brand New Day
2 – Building Bridges (feat. Sugahspank!)
3 – Hush
4 – The Last of Them
5 – Salome (feat. Sugahspank!)
6 – Nuages Gris / Grey Clouds (The Last Liszt)

Music composed and arranged by Michalis Brouzos (except track by Franz Liszt, arranged by Michalis Brouzos)

Lyrics by Sugahspank!

Produced by Michalis Brouzos and Petros Lamprides

TheLastLust is:

Michalis Brouzos…guitars
Petros Lamprides..contrabass, electric fretless bass, murmux

With the collaboration of:

Giorgos Kontogiannis..Cretan lyre
Nikos Papavranousis..drums
Michalis Katachanas..viola

Vocals (In tracks 2 and 5)..Sugahspank!

Sound engineering: Panagiotis Chountas

Mixed and mastered by Panagiotis Chountas at In a Jam Studios, Pireaus, Greece.

Additional recordings at Sierra Studios by Thodoris Nikolakopoulos

The artwork is a sculpture by Yiannis Brouzos (Ωάννες)

Calligraphy by Ellie Kyriazidou




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